Best Minibus Hire in Reading

What makes the best minibus hire in Reading?

When we asked our customers they all said it was our vehicles. They said they were so comfortable it was pleasure to ride in them. They also mentioned feeling safe with the driver, and we were very pleased.
TK Travel have worked extremely hard to be the best we can be. We have employed the best drivers we can find, all fully qualified and CRB checked and further trained by TK Travel to understand the actual vehicles they drive and to provide great customer service. How often have you sat on a coach or a bus and the driver has been indifferent to you, pulled away before checking everyone is sitting, stopped suddenly at traffic lights causing everyone to lurch forward.
TK Travel give all our drivers continuous customer service training so they know how to respond to the people in their care, and how to drive in a smooth and confidence inspiring fashion.
Of course, cost comes into it. It’s all very well providing the best service but if passengers have to pay the equivalent of a small mortgage for the privilege, does it really count? TK Travel have a policy of ‘value added’.
To explain, imagine that you are paying one of the most competitive prices around for your journey, yet your minibus is as luxurious and clean as it could ever possibly be, and your driver welcomes you onboard, makes sure you are comfortable and drives with as much skill as any Rolls Royce chauffeur.

That’s ‘value added’.

To be the best minibus hire in Reading takes a great deal of commitment and ongoing maintenance, training and updating. We are constantly upgrading our fleet of minibuses and coaches and setting ourselves ever higher service level targets. In a highly competitive environment the only way to stay the best is to do constantly strive for perfection.
There are a number of long established coach and minibus companies in the Reading area yet we have been extraordinarily pleased to have won so many corporate and school contracts, as well as rail relief contracts, airport runs/transfers and individual domestic work. We intend to become the leading coach travel and minibus hire company outside of London and recognise it won’t be a simple task, yet one which we are keen to strive for. We really want to be the best minibus hire in Reading.
If you have high expectations and are considering using a minibus with driver for any reason, please contact us and we will provide you with all the information you will need to make a decision. For longer journeys including day trips, we will help plan your journey and stops and generally ensure your trip is as enjoyable and successful as you want it to be.
There are many reasons why we believe we are already the best minibus hire in Reading but ultimately it will be you who decides. You will experience our service at first hand and you will tell your friends and colleagues of your experience. It is up to us at TK Travel to make sure it’s all positive.