Bus Travel in Reading

When speaking in terms of bus travel in Reading, we should break the term down to discover what is really required. Reading has an excellent bus service, Reading Transport. It serves the town well with a comprehensive route network and scheduling geared to the populous. Reading buses are both single and double tier buses and the company has invested deeply into low emission buses. Their state of the art fleet is the envy of many other public transport companies around the UK.
Above all, Reading Buses’  provide a much needed and much respected service to people commuting in and out of Reading and their operation is seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year!
But where does bus travel in Reading require a little more?
TK Travel believe the answer is flexibility. Whilst Reading Transport cater for the community on a wider scale, coach and minibus companies such as TK Travel offer a more specific and flexible service, fulfilling the demand of many who cannot make full use of public transport.
Take, for instance, those people who live in outlying villages around Reading. Reading Buses are extremely good, but they cannot cater for people outside of their scheduled routes…and we can!
We can pick up groups of people from outlying areas, bring them in to Reading or to the train station or anywhere they need to go. We can do this, depending on numbers, far cheaper than local taxi’s can manage and we can be a regular and relied upon service.
Some people in villages close to Reading use our services on regular days for weekly shopping trips, for social events and for trips to libraries and the like. We pick them up at arranged points close to their homes, drop them outside their destination and then take them back afterwards. It works.
Our drivers are friendly and prepared to help those who need assistance, to get on and off the minibuses and they can be flexible, diverting from route when required by a passenger for instance. Our drivers are not as tied to scheduled stops – hence we provide the flexibility that public transport can’t.
If you are living in an outlying area around Reading, where Reading Buses provides no service, and you need to arrange regular shopping trips or journeys to regular events etc, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will come to see you and discuss your needs and come to a satisfactory agreement.
 You will know you have made the right decision as soon as you climb aboard any of our modern, luxury equipped minibuses or coaches. Just sit back and enjoy the ride without the hassle of parking, if you would otherwise take your own car or walking to and waiting at bus stops if that is the only other option.
You will find TK Travel absolutely reliable, you will our minibuses and coaches modern, luxurious, clean and extremely comfortable. We will take you to your destination and bring you back feeling fresh and relaxed.