Cheapest Bus Travel in Reading

TK Travel are renowned for providing top quality minibus and coach hire in and around the Reading area. We are a family run company and care about the services we provide. TK Travel quite possibly offer the best minibus service outside of London and we pride ourselves in keeping our prices competitive and in providing a higher service than our customers would normally expect.
What is the Cheapest Bus Travel in Reading?  Is it the public transport services… or is it even worth considering using the cheapest bus service in Reading?
Do you want cheap or do you want secure, timely, clean and comfortable?
Of all the people we have asked the resounding reply has been that people want, first and foremost, to feel safe. Then they want their minibus or coach to be on-time, then they want it to be clean and finally, to be comfortable. For our part, our service is all of those things in equal measure. We ensure it!
But still, people will search on Google and one of the most sought searches is ‘Cheapest Bus Travel in Reading’…Odd really, but it’s something we have looked at closely, especially in light of the current economic situation.
We have created and work by a policy of ‘value added’. We base our costs on slim margins with an emphasis on quality..and here’s why…
We have built up an extremely good business based on’ value added’, so much so that many of our original clients have become regular clients providing constant work for us. Our prices have always been competitive but by giving our customers exactly what they want by way of service, and offering those services against a slim margin, they no longer compare us to other coach and minibus firms, feeling confident that they won’t better the price over our service anywhere else. We enjoy a huge amount of recommendation business as a result and whilst we cannot promise to be the cheapest every time, we always aim to offer ‘best price’.
We also ran an experiment some time ago, using one of our ex-service minibuses (ones that have expired their useful life through wear and tear and mileage etc, and are due to be disposed of). We constantly upgrade our fleet in order to provide the luxury of modern vehicles, comfortable seats and air conditioning etc. However, for our experiment, we offered selected customers a vastly reduced cost trip in our old minibus or the same journey in one of our new vehicles at the regular price. Without fail, all three chose the modern minibus, citing the age and mileage of the older vehicle and the new safety standards of the new vehicle. In other words, safety and comfort came out in front of simply having found the cheapest bus travel in Reading.
If you are considering a group based trip that would benefit from the economy of using a minibus with driver or a coach, simply contact us and we will gladly go over the details of your planned trip and provide you with a comprehensive quote.