Coach Firms In Reading

There are numerous coach firms in the Reading area, certainly enough to give you a difficult choice as to who to use for your corporate trip, tour or school run.
Competition is strong and each local coach firm has plenty to be proud of. It is probably true that all of us strive to provide an excellent service to our customers, it is also the case we all look to constantly improve our fleets of minibuses and coaches…and to provide as many luxuries as we can to ensure you get the very most out of your experience with us.
TK Travel are certainly proud to find themselves leading local competitors, with a booming daily business trade and ever growing excursions and holidays side to the business. We enjoy long standing schools contracts with Hampshire County Council and with private schools in Reading, we have regular ‘race trips’ to many of the UKs racecourses, work for numerous Reading based corporations, transporting staff between depots and offices, to seminars, management courses and more.
As coach firms in Reading go, we are a very progressive  company and we operate on strict ‘value added’ guidelines. This means we work hard to provide the cleanest, most modern minibuses and coaches, we work hard to ensure we employ the best driver available and we work hard to give you the best possible prices.
We take nothing for granted. Our industry has been littered with coach firms, some in Reading, who have failed by not even maintaining standards, let alone striving to constantly improve – which is what we all have to do in order to succeed. Even Reading Transport itself appears to have stopped its Reading – Newbury service, a result perhaps of poor revenue from an under used route?
Coach firms in Reading benefit from the location. We are extremely fortunate to be situated along the A4 corridor. We have excellent road networks east-west, north-south, with the M4, A33, A34 and M40 all within easy striking distance. As a consequence we can make good time to the coast or to the midlands and beyond.
Of course, we are also on London’s doorstep but without the costs that some London coach firms have to charge in light of the area they are in. This is a huge advantage to TK Travel and these days a great deal of trips involve central and greater London, as customers realise they can save large amounts of money by hiring us from Reading.
We have an additional cost advantage. We are able to keep our ‘yard’ costs low and reflect our savings into savings for you. In this age of economic crisis we realise that every penny counts and we aim to be a more economic and viable transport solution for transporting groups of people than forms of public transport including buses and trains.
In short, if you have any reason why you may be organising an event, trip away or social gathering that involves groups of people going to and from the same destination, we will strive to be the best coach firm in Reading and get you all there on time, safely and within a sensible budget.