Coach Tours

Coach Tours are growing in popularity once again! Coach tours take two common forms; one day tours and holiday tours.
We find one day tours are more popular, with trips to country homes, resorts and amusement parks being the favourite. You may be thinking…’but that’s not a coach tour’…but here’s how they work.
We pick you up at an agreed pick-up point with an itinerary prepared including the various destinations due for the day.
We aim to make your day tour as fun as possible and a typical example would be:
A first run down to Beaulieu Motor museum and Beaulieu Abbey, followed by second run to a restaurant of your choosing, a third run to the coast and finally, back to home and the home drop-off destination.
Days like these make for a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable day tour – and all in the comfort and luxury of one of TKTravel’s coaches or minibuses, if your party is smaller.
Of course, some coach tours don’t involve lengthy stop-overs for sight-seeing and we have been requested to tour the south coast from Brighton to Weymouth, with just stops for lunch and refreshments. It’s a great way to catch a glimpse of life away from the city and in a group of friends, a social and communicative day out.
Although TKTravel doesn’t arrange week long coach tours, we can take your plans and develop them into a journey planner, with stop-overs and destinations suited to your ideas. We will travel all over the UK and our drivers will stay with you as guides and advisers should you have any queries along the way. Our support staff at TKTravel customer service will also be on hand if needed.
We have undertaken coach tours as far afield as Scotland and the north-east but more regularly undertake trips to the south coast, the west country including Lynton and Lynmouth and Cornwall.
If you are interested in arranging a coach tour for your group, don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas and working together, we will firstly help organise your trip into a journey planner, then advise you of the coach you will need for the trip, including its standard of luxury and conveniences. Then we will finalise cost and make the final arrangements including every last detail necessary to help make your coach tour a great and memorable success.
Following your coach tour, we welcome your feedback in regards to every element of our involvement so we can collect data and continue to improve and refine the service we offer. We find that your group and our drivers create  a unique bond during these trips, one which lasts and one which we hope will bring you back again and again for further coach tour opportunities.
Finally, it is important you have the confidence in us to provide for you. If you have any initial queries before making a solid booking, we are always pleased to discuss your ideas beforehand. Do not feel obligated to us in any way until such time as the booking is confirmed and your route and touring holiday planned.