Day Trips by Coach

Day trips by coach are an economical and highly enjoyable way to visit those places you otherwise don’t get to see. We make day trips all the year round, to theme parks, the coast, to museums, festivals and more… and we are geared to make certain our passengers get the very best out of their day away.
It all starts in the morning. We normally arrange a single convenient pick-up point or several pick-up points and make sure everyone is on board, seated and comfortable before setting off. The coach ride should be an exciting part of the day, with all the expectations ahead to look forward to. We arrive at destination points as early as possible to give you as much time as you need to sight see or to enjoy fairground rides or simply to relax in beautiful settings away from home, but we are always on hand and ready to collect you for the return journey at the end of the day.
Either as part of a single group or as individual passengers on one of our scheduled day trips by coach, you will be able to sit back in luxury, switch on the air conditioning and relax, safe in the knowledge our drivers are quite simply the best we can buy, fully qualified and CRB checked and further trained by TK Travel to understand the importance of great customer service.
We make scheduled day trips to Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, to Portsmouth, Bournemouth and Weymouth, plus to Weston Super Mare and more and our day trips are rapidly gaining a reputation for being great fun, well organised and supervised events throughout the year.
If you are thinking or organising a day trip by coach for your own group or organisation you should speak to us first. We have a wealth of knowledge and can  give you a good estimate of travel times to and from various destinations as well as what there is to do and see once there. For instance, several people have asked to be taken to Blackpool for the day but obviously, though it can be done, with the mileage and travel time involved, there would be little time left for sightseeing in between but…the same applies to destinations further south, in central London for example, where traffic restrictions and travel time often mean travelling earlier and arriving back later. We want your day trip to include as much time at your destination as possible, not turn into a day long coach ride.
If however, you really do want to travel to Blackpool, we can arrange for stop over trips, even booking hotels for your overnight stay. Our drivers are happy to do this and it ensures your visit will be worthwhile and not totally taken up by travel.
So again, we say contact us with your ideas and we will direct and help you make them a reality and a great day or days out. Day Trips by Coach should be fun, we intend that they are!