Day Trips by Minibus

Minibus day trips are a great way to get about. For large parties we recommend the larger coaches in our fleet but for smaller groups our day trips by minibus are just as luxurious and just as comfortable.
TK Travel host regular scheduled day trips to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Weston Super Mare, Weymouth, Portsmouth and Bournemouth as well as venues in London and beyond. By arrangement we will normally pick up passengers at one or more local pick up points and set off, intending to arrive at destination as early as possible in order to give you as much time as possible for sightseeing or relaxing before collecting everybody back on board and setting off on the return trip home.
Day trips by minibus are very convenient and very economical. These days it is generally too expensive to consider filling up the tanks of several private cars and setting off in convoy. Quite apart from the fuel and negotiating unfamiliar motorways and towns, you will have often extortionate parking fees to pay and the problem of ‘keeping together’.
On a minibus day trip you’ll have no such problem. Just climb aboard, sit back in luxury seats, enjoy the air conditioning and watch the miles roll by as you travel together, safely and by one of our fully qualified and CRB checked drivers, who in turn are all trained by TK Travel in providing great customer service.
If you are considering a day trip by minibus please contact TK Travel and we will let you have a list of all our scheduled trips in the near future, or if you want to organise your own day trip to a destination of your choosing, let us know and can help you plan the day, including the route, refreshment stop overs and travel times. Should you wish to go farther afield we might suggest an over night ‘day trip’, where you stay overnight in a hotel and come back later the following day. It is a great way to ensure you have the time to fully enjoy where you’ve gone and it makes for a lasting memory, one which feels more like you’ve been on holiday rather than a day away!
Day trips by minibus are also convenient given their smaller size. We can often take minibuses into the heart of city centres and smaller roads that larger coaches simply wouldn’t manage and although a rare occurrence, a minibus really pays dividends when the need arises.
We have standard prices for our own scheduled trips and passengers are advised to book seats early to avoid disappointment but if you are booking your own organised trip we will determine the costa involved and let you have a detailed quote, leaving nothing in doubt and you free to enjoy your day trip.
We will also discuss ‘booze cruise’ trips to France and the costs involved including ferry and or train crossings and can, if you desire, make the entire arrangements for you.