Hire a Minibus in Berkshire

If you are looking to go on a trip or need a minibus to transport your group to Cheltenham or Ascot races…or if your school needs a reliable and safe minibus service to help your pupils get to and from school…or if you have arranged a business event and need your staff to go…or if you are attending a party or ball, then hire a minibus in Reading from us, TK Travel.
We have a superb fleet of modern luxury minibuses and coaches that are immaculately maintained and skilfully driven by our fully qualified and CRB checked drivers. Making your life easier is what we do and who we are.
The cost of motoring these days is immense and hiring a minibus that can carry large groups of people is an economic and obvious choice…and more…the cost of even parking your car can be astonishing but with a hired minibus again… you don’t need to worry, you will be dropped off at your destination, fresh and ready to enjoy whatever function you are attending.
How to Hire a Minibus in Reading, Berkshire:
Please give us a telephone call, alternatively, complete our online form and we will contact you, but essentially, we need to talk. We will need to know the date or dates of your journey (whether it’s a return trip as well), we’ll need to know the date you need us, your destination and the time you need to arrive at your destination (and the time you’ll want to be picked up for the return).
We’ll need to know the number in your party so we can select the minibus best suited to your needs…and that’s it! Your booking will be made and you don’t need to concern yourself with your travel arrangement again!
We will arrive before time at the arranged pick up point, or we can arrange to pick up individual passengers (as need requires). Whichever way, we prefer to be early and wait for you rather than have you wait for us!
We always leave plenty of time for travel. Although our drivers know just about every destination you care to mention and we monitor traffic radio for news of possible delays, we ‘hate to be late’ but refuse to rush, so leaving plenty of travel time is the solution!
You hire a minibus in Reading with TK Travel and you will enjoy the experience. Our vehicles are beautifully maintained and cleaned thoroughly after every use. Our minibuses are luxury versions with air conditioning and comfortable seats and our drivers are trained to provide a smooth, even ride that inspires confidence. We like to think that once you have used TK Travel you won’t need to go to another minibus hire company.
We always welcome your comments and constantly look to improve wherever we can so again, give us a call and we will give you the best advice and best prices we can whatever you requirements and for however many people you book our service for.