Hire a Minibus in Reading

Minibuses are an ideal way to transport groups of people safely and economically. TK Travel want to be the minibus hire company in Reading – of choice!
We strive to provide the best minibus service against tough local competition and we are doing well!
We base our service on a ‘value added’ principle, giving more than people expect at generally less than people expect to pay. Our minibuses fleet is modern and excellently maintained by our own mechanics.
Each minibus is cleaned thoroughly after each journey using a checklist method, ensuring nothing is missed and new passengers have no nasty surprises waiting on or under the seat for them!
When we asked a selection of customers what they liked about TK Travel, the resounding answer was that they felt safe. This surprised us, as we felt passengers should feel safe whichever minibus hire company they use but no, people said that past experiences with other minibus firms had put them off. Most definitely, safety came first.
Then we asked customers to rank in order the aspects of minibus hire they felt most important and the answers showed us that whilst safety came first, promptness, cleanliness and comfort all came a close second. Some customers also said they liked to have a driver who would speak to them and answer any travel queries along the way. They said that some drivers simply sat and drove, ignoring the passengers, which did not feel friendly. They said our drivers, who we have trained in customer service, were exactly what they wanted, whilst providing safe carriage.
So you want to hire a minibus in Reading? You have plenty of choice. Horsemans for instance are an old and respected local company and competing with them for your business can be challenging however, we believe we offer an excellent service and we believe our prices are possibly the most competitive in Reading, so we hope you will at least give us the opportunity to provide you with a quote, and explain how we feel we would be best suited to your needs.
Although a busy company, TK Travel have a fine fleet of minibuses and coaches and will accommodate your travel plans wherever possible. We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers needs and if you need us at a specific time and place, we will arrange it! So, Hiring a minibus in Reading isn’t hard, it’s just a matter of choice. As said, we will do our very best to persuade you to use our services and once agreed, will work even harder to provide you with a safe, prompt, clean and comfortable journey.
If you have any enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily provide you with any information you need to know in order to make a decision. TK Travel aim to be the best and most viable choice with whom to hire a minibus from and we look forward to the opportunity of doing so. Thank you.