Minibus for Hire in Reading

TK Travel have a fleet of minibuses for hire for all purposes, whether it be to transport groups of people to wedding and other private social occasion, to take sport teams to events and galas or business people to seminars, away weekends and management courses.
Of course there are hundreds of reasons why people choose a minibus for hire… wherever there is a group of people aiming to go to the same destination at the same time, its odds on that minibus hire will be the most popular and economic mode of transport.
These days the cost of private motoring has soared and as a transport company constantlt out on the motorways and highways, we no longer recognise the convoy – like strings of cars we used to see heading for the same festival or event. It is simply too expensive to take multiple private cars where a minibus will easily cater for large groups of people plus luggage and or equipment as necessary.
To add to that, you won’t have the problem of parking your private vehicle if you choose a minibus for hire. We will simply drop you off at your destination and arrange to pick you up at a later time and bring you home. This leaves you free to enjoy your day, over indulge a little maybe, and not worry about the hassle of driving, negotiating unfamiliar motorways and busy junctions and not being able to have even a small drink if you have to climb back into the driving seat.
Our drivers are extremely skilled. They are of course fully qualified and CRB checked but at TK Travel we expect our drivers to be customer focussed and we ensure our drivers are able to answer any travel questions you may have along the way, and to be sympathetic to the needs of the people in their care. This may sound very obvious, but do national coach companies routinely make unscheduled stops should one passenger need to use a convenience? Often not!
Okay, so minibus hire in Reading is a growing business. It is also extremely competitive and coach companies are often vying for the same business. Our advantage over our competitors is simple. We provide modern, luxury equipped minibuses with great seats and air conditioning and we look to keep our margins to a minimum in order to give you the best price possible. We pay great attention to detail and often conduct surveys to discover exactly what is important to minibus travellers.
We do know that safety comes first, followed by promptness, cleanliness and comfort…and we excel in all areas! Our minibus fleet is routinely cleansed following each trip to ensure they are as good as new each time we go out to pick up a new group. Our vehicles are fully maintained by employed mechanics following strict check list style dockets similar in fact to those used within the aviation industry – and we feel we can’t do better than that!
If you have an upcoming event or any reason you feel a minibus for hire in Reading would be useful to you, please contact us and we will provide you with all the details and costings you need to book a minibus with confidence!