Minibus Hire with Driver

Why take a minibus?

People choose a minibus for many reasons. To transport parties to stag and hen do’s, to weddings, funerals, any social event and holidays. We also cater for schools, transporting pupils to and from school, on school trips, to sporting events and so on. We have transported council workers, maintenance crews, business people…on corporate weekends, to seminars, balls and galas.
In fact, wherever there is a group of people needing to go to the same destination at the same time, minibus hire with driver is the sensible, economic and comfortable choice of transport.
Our fleet of minibuses and coaches are equipped to luxury standard, with air conditioning and comfortable seats. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our vehicles and the skill of our group drivers, whose job it is, not only to be excellent, qualified drivers but hosts, able to answer any questions you may have during the journey.
TKTravel will make your journey easy. We will discuss your needs and recommend the minibus or coach you will need to accommodate your party, including any luggage of equipment as needed. Once you have given us your travel detail and have opted for minibus hire with driver, we will plan your route and confirm the route with you. We always aim to use the shortest, fastest safest route to avoid as much as possible any traffic delays and roadworks that we are aware of.
We will also advise you of travel lengths and the time needed for pick-up and destination arrival to ensure we don’t find ourselves ‘against the clock’, a dangerous scenario we have never entertained that puts our customers, drivers and vehicles at risk.
In recent times, with the rising cost of fuel, the use of private cars to transport groups of people is simply not economic. It used to be the case we would see obvious ‘convoys’ of private cars on motorways heading for the same destination but cost is most definitely a factor these days and filling up multiple fuel tanks as opposed to just one Minibus or Coach just isn’t as sensible or affordable as it used to be.
Hiring a minibus with driver means you and your party can sit back and enjoy the journey, not worry about ‘getting there on time’ or negotiating unfamiliar roads and busy junctions. Our drivers have taken customers all over the UK and often, beyond! They will be familiar with motorways, towns and cities the length and breadth of the UK and will provide safe passage whilst you relax in comfortable seats and let the miles pass you by.
Return Journeys
Often, the real benefit of minibus hire with driver is on the return journey. Perhaps it’s a trip to the coast, or an amusement park. You will have enjoyed your day, possibly over indulged and quite probably will feel tired and drowsy…not the best time to consider getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.
You hire a minibus…and just don’t worry! Our minibuses and coaches are so comfortable that you may easily take the opportunity to put your head back and take a nap! You will be dropped off as arranged, at an arranged destination point or as is often the case, at the door of your own home.
People like the ease and convenience of minibus and coach travel. We supply the means.