School Bus Services

As public transport costs soar, there is a growing demand for school bus services that firms such as TKTravel can ably meet. We provide morning and afternoon school bus services, using our fleet of coaches and minibuses. Depending on the school and the routes required, we will either use a minibus or coach. The benefits are clear, we take pupils from selected pick-up points directly to school, not leaving them at bus-stops hundreds of yards away from the school gates. We provide a safe and efficient service that the schools we operate with find invaluable.
At schools out times we are there again, waiting at a pre-arranged place to pick up and transport pupils back to their home drop-off point. This is a safe and cost effective way to get children from home to school and back again. Parents and schools alike value the service we provide and this is certainly a growth sector within our industry.
All TKTravel’s drivers are fully qualified and police checked to ensure against criminal record or poor driving standards. Of course we are fully insured but we recognise that all the insurance in the world won’t bring back a loved one and our aim is to manage and provide a service with the barest minimum risk possible, carrying children as safely as it is possible to do so.
School bus services have been operating in the US for many years whilst in this country, more schools have traditionally relied upon local public transport bus services. Whilst this is perfectly satisfactory, we feel we provide a more personal, certainly a more individual school bus service. We often have the same children each day, know and understand them, our drivers know where they are picked up each day and where they should be dropped off and there is little or no margin for error, for children being missed or for children being dropped off far from the arranged drop-off point.
We feel we provide a more economic school bus service than public transport offers and eliminate the need for some parent to take time out from work to take and pick up their children.
Often, our fleet of minibuses are the ideal sized vehicles to convey children as most journeys are to a specific area, often with limited numbers in the group. Of course, we have coaches available for larger groups.
If you are enquiring via a school, we can provide you with full details of our school bus services, along with availability and costings. We believe you will find TKTravel extremely economical and as a company, as qualified and secure as you would want for your pupils.
Some parents however, living in outlying areas, decide to use our services privately, for a set group of children. We are happy to accommodate such usage and again, we will be as cost effective as possible without compromising our service. With such private usage, we can arrange a single drop-off point for children or can drop each child to their door. We are also able to contact you directly should a child not appear for afternoon pick-up where they were picked up in the morning. We want to leave no one behind and want to ensure you have the utmost confidence in our ability to provide a secure service for your children.