School Runs

So, what do we mean by the term ‘School Runs?’
Any of you who have children of school age will know all about the school run. The dash in the morning to get your children out of bed, dressed and ready for school. Some of you are lucky enough to live close to your children’s school, others have to rely on cars, public transport or… private minibus or school coach.
Paramount to every parent is their children’s safety and unfortunately in this day and age, allowing your children to make their own way to school is simply not an option. This is where we at TK Travel become involved. We operate school run services in three capacities; under contract to council, under contract to school direct (in the case of private schools) and under contract to parental groups (usually where families live in remote villages etc).
Our job is to safely transport your children between home and school and back again and we have a flexible approach to the service we provide.
Some of our council contracts determine that we select a series of pick-up points and collect children along a route into school at pre-arranged times. In this case, children need to be waiting at the pick-up point in readiness. We don’t take a ‘register’ and children are transported on a simple ‘if they are there, we take them’ principle. The return journey from school to home is the same. We are normally instructed to be at the school pick-up point at an allocated time and to depart at a specific time. In this instance children are expected to be on time for the minibus or coach as we cannot wait beyond our departure time. This is expected by parents, who in turn will often be waiting at the drop off point and will expect the minibus or coach to arrive on time.
Other contract dictate that we take specific children to school and collect specific children from school each day. In this instance we take a ‘register’ to ensure we miss no-one and it is the drivers duty to ensure all are aboard before he sets off. Consequently, drop off times can vary (if one pupil or another is late to the minibus or coach and the driver sets off later than usual). To combat this, some contract school runs operated in this fashion entail the driver dropping off individual children directly to their home addresses.
The third contract type is directly with a group of parents (typically living in the same area whose children all go to the same school. In this instance, it can be usual to pick up each child from a home address, take a register, and drop off each child after school back to their home address…but contract details are flexible and confirmed by consent of all parents in the ‘group’.
Nomatter which category of contract you may fall into, School Runs by minibus or coach are a safe, economically sound and efficient way to deal with your children’s school transport requirements and we at TK Travel are always pleased to discuss possible new contracts and new arrangements