Van Hire in Berkshire

TK Travel are different from Van Hire companies. We are based in Reading, Berkshire and van hire doesn’t even remotely describe what we do. Van Hire firms generally rent out vans and minibuses to people who want to self drive. TK Travel hires out its fleet of minibuses and coaches with driver, meaning there is no self drive option.
People will use TK Travel for excursions to the coast, to London, to shopping and sight-seeing destinations around the UK and they will use our skilled drivers to get there!
We do receive enquiries from people asking if they can hire one of our minibuses and drive it themselves and we have to say no. For good reason. We are extremely proud of our modern and luxurious fleet and only allow our own fully qualified and CRB checked drivers to get behind the wheel. Our minibuses are high specification vehicles designed for safety, comfort and convenience and we entrust them to no one. It is this policy that helps us maintain one of the finest minibus fleets in Berkshire and why our customers come back to us time after time.
We have a proven, reliable track record based on customer care. Our drivers are trained to understand they are not merely driver but journey hosts and they understand the need of passengers to feel secure and comfortable, not rushed around, rocked around corners and made to feel like unwilling passengers in a racing car!…And yes, it does happen!
Everything TK Travel does is customer focussed. We are a family company who believe in quality of service before all.
Our minibuses are not for use, as van hire vehicles are, for conveying rubbish to the tip or transporting building materials. Our minibuses are immaculate machines kept in the best possible condition and we have never yet had a customer complain otherwise.
TK Travel constantly update our fleet, ensuring we have the latest safety aids and conveniences and we feel we are more than a match for competitor minibus hire companies in the Reading and Berkshire area, if not the UK as a whole!
So a Berkshire Van Hire company we are not! An extremely conscientious minibus and coach firm we are…
For examples of services we provide: School Runs (School Transfers), Excursions, Day Trips, Coach Tours, Business trips, Seminars, Evening functions, sports meetings, shopping runs and more. We are an extremely busy company and like to remain so. We always try to accommodate our customers needs and help organise trips away, helping with route advice, timings and so on. In many ways, we are far more than just a coach and minibus hire firm but one thing is absolutely for certain, we cannot be compared to a Berkshire van hire company!
If you have any queries or are thinking of organising a trip with a group or society, please just call us and we will be happy to offer you the best advice we can and provide a comprehensive quote.